Michigan Teen Makes The Best Of A Horrible Prank

The story out of Michigan regarding a teenage girl and a prank her classmates played on her, is yet another example of abhorrent teenage behavior.  In this instance, the students of a Michigan High School school voted for a self-described “outcast” to be the female representative of the sophomore class royalty, essentially homecoming Queen.  That this silly, antiquated process continues today, defies explanation, although I’ll leave that for another day.  Whitney Kropp was devastated when she learned she was voted in as a prank.  She spent the night crying and contemplated ending her life “right here, right now”.  What is so disturbing about this story is its conspiratorial, cruelty.  I have said time and again, you can’t legislate niceness, but you can legislate a code of conduct.  What’s also disturbing is why the parents of teenage children are not teaching them human decency?  Have parents become so out of touch, so complacent, they no longer have any idea about what’s happening with their kids?  Anyone who derives pleasure from the pain and suffering of others is a bully and needs to be confronted about their behavior.  So while the West Branch-Rose City Area Schools superintendent, Dan Cwayna, is mum about the incident, obviously at the request of the school district’s attorneys, he needs to speak out about this incident.  In the end, Whitney is having the last laugh.  She decided to stay on the homecoming court and has received support throughout the community and the country.  Local businesses have contributed by giving her a dress, shoes and a new hairstyle.  A Facebook support page created for her, has received more than 96,000 likes.  Maybe “she lived happily ever after” isn’t so far-fetched afterall.

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