Teen Who Faked Intruder on Twitter Found Safe

The teenager who faked a story of an intruder on Twitter and then disappeared, was found safe.  Alan Scherb, spokesman for the Clark Police Department reported that, “Kara Alongi was found safe and unharmed.  She was discovered by troopers with the New Jersey State Police walking along the side of the Turnpike near Exit 1.”  One can only imagine how this teen thought up this elaborate hoax, only to find herself walking along the Turnpike.  That’s one heck of a plan.  Most teenagers are somewhat quirky but this one is right up there with the quirkiest.  Perhaps she argued with her parents or boyfriend but she needs to be taught some kind of lesson.  Faking your own kidnapping and having the police looking for you when they could be working on solving actual crimes, is both irresponsible and inexcusable at any age.  We need to stop spoiling our children and start forcing them to be more responsible.  Her parents of course, should face a serious fined.  The press is also unbelievable when it reports on such cases, going to the house and calling, looking for a response.  Do we really need answers to such simple questions?  Have we become so brain-dead that we can’t figure out what happened here?  We must hear it right from the horse’s mouth?  What does the mainstream press expect her parents to say, “Yes we’ve very proud of our Kara”?  Let this story die a quick,  painless death and move on.  Kara, you’ve had your 10 minutes of fame.  Now get back to class.

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