Barclays Center Opens Amid Much Fanfare And Protest

Jay-Z kicked off the opening of the new Barclays Center with a much-anticipated concert.  The Barclays Center is exactly what that section of Brooklyn needed to spruce up the area.  Although not everyone was happy to see this day.  Amid the fanfare there was protest.  From the onset of this project there have been neighborhood protesters who spoke about how the Barclays Center would ruin the neighborhood, but nothing could ruin the neighborhood.  Other than the Metro Mall, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Long Island University Campus, and Juniors, there was absolutely no reason to go there.  There was the promise of lower and middle-income apartments which have yet to materialize, but the whole complex is a work in progress.  With Jay-Z as part owner of the Nets, I am sure he will be involved in ensuring that whatever was promised will come to fruition.  The best news of all, is the number of jobs that have been and will be created, in addition to the increased traffic for already existing businesses in the area.  That in a nutshell is how you bring up neighborhoods; by economic development.  So the protesters, most of whom are wealthy brownstone owners, are upset because of the increased traffic to the area.  Pay them no heed.  We are referring to the inner city, not a suburb.  Nothing was needed more than that stadium, the entire construction project and a professional sports team back in Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Nets.  Professional sports are back in the borough of Churches.  Go Nets!

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