Say What You Want About The Economy – Obama Owns High Gas Prices

Gas prices hit an all time high in California, reaching an average $4.61 a gallon.  The national average is $3.81 a gallon which is the highest average price for gas at this time of year in history.  There are those such as Bill Maher who thinks this is a good thing.  He believes this will force green energy development and keep people out of their cars.  Easy for a loud month, rich guy from California to say but in reality, all this does is burden the average American even further when he/she can ill afford it.  The Economy is still terrible and gas prices are taking its toll.  President Obama can walk away from the economy, and blame Bush for that, although now that the unemployment rate unexpectedly plummeted to 7.8% he’ll take credit for it.  But there is no way he can walk away form these high gas prices.  He owns them and Mitt Romney should be all over this issue.  It is one of several of which the President must take ownership.  The President was against the pipeline from Canada, he is against drilling and his green energy initiative has been a complete failure to this point.  He must be called to the carpet for these insane prices.  Yesterday, in New York City, it cost me $80.00 to fill up my car.  There’s something very wrong with that.  Let’s see all of the liberal Democrats blame Bush for this.  I dare them to try.  Until this country really does develop alternative sources of fuel, we need to go with what we have, so the still fragile economy doesn’t collapse under the weight of skyrocketing gas prices.

3 thoughts on “Say What You Want About The Economy – Obama Owns High Gas Prices

  1. I apologize for my misspelling. I meant Netflix,but I do agree doing your unbiased research is better than other sources.

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