Paul Broun – Another Insane Republican Is Not What The Party Needs

Georgia US Republican Representative Paul Broun has lost touch with the US Constitution and what it means to be a public servant.   Broun, who is an MD said last week, “God’s word is true.  I’ve come to understand that.  All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the big bang theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell, It’s lies to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior.”  No offense to the good folks of Georgia, but to elect someone like that is pretty scary.  If there are any of middle of the road, centrist Republicans left, we need to speak out against him in the strongest terms.  Although calling someone crazy is never a particularly good argument to make, in this case it’s perfectly acceptable.  I don’t say it lightly and I don’t question his faith, but it DOES NOT belong in the political arena.  The majority of this country is not comprised of the extreme religious right with their 10,000 seat stadiums and clergy who are richer than God.  It’s time for the party to separate itself from the crazies.  Otherwise, we will lose every election at the national level.  What the Republican leadership doesn’t understand is even if the extreme right stops supporting Republican candidates, what does that mean for them?  They have no choice but to vote Republican or everything they hold so dear, will be lost.  This country is quickly becoming more liberal and that will not change.  The Republicans are in a position to win back Reagan Democrats who far outnumber the fringe of the party but the party leaders seem blind to that notion.  The loud, minority, religious zealots must not be permitted to kill the Republican Party and it’s about time, someone in the party stands up to insane Representatives like Broun and Akin.  You might not believe in evolution but to say it comes from the devil,  tells me you belong in a thickly, padded cell in a maximum security facility.  There is almost nothing more dangerous than religious fanaticism.  If there is no pushback against these extremists, the Republican Party will become a useless vestige of its former glory.  The party of Lincoln will be no more.

3 thoughts on “Paul Broun – Another Insane Republican Is Not What The Party Needs

  1. I guess that this is sadly a sign of the times with all the polarizing of so many movements. This is an effect of the globalization.

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