Venezuelans Choose Dictator Chavez Over Reformer Capriles

After fourteen years, the majority of Venezuelans have chosen to allow Chavez to become further entrenched as the dictator of their country.  His re-election, will allow him further tighten his grip on the country while serving another six years in office.  It will bring his reign to twenty years.  Let’s not forget, Chavez burst onto the scene in 1992 with a failed coup; hardly the democratic way to become ruler of a country.  Chavez has befriended many of the world’s dictators including Ahmadinejad and Castro and is no friend of the United States.  He has tried to help the down and out in his country by playing the class game and it has worked in his favor. But this election was about what type of country Venezuelans want to live in and they have spoken loudly and clearly.  The Chavez win demonstrates how dysfunctional the people of Venezuela have become; that they would choose a dictator over someone who sought the free market and political reforms.  Henrique Capriles, wanted to take the country in an entirely different direction and it would have benefitted the vast majority, simply from the point of solidifying their Democracy.  There is terrible corruption in Venezuela and that derives from its leader.  Chavez ran an unfair campaign.  According to NBC News, “he handed out homes and pensions financed with state funds, often in ceremonies that glorified his administration, while warning that the opposition would rescind such benefits”.  This of course would not be allowed or legal in a truly democratic country.  What makes Chavez so dangerous and formidable is Venezuela’s vast oil reserves, quite possibly the largest in the world.  Those reserves will ensure he is able to keep the disenfranchised satisfied enough to go forward with oppressive reforms.  The Venezuelan economy will not improve however because Socialism is a failed economic system, especially when it exists under a dictator.  It kills innovation and the drive to succeed.  Instead of dumbing down his people, and making the excuse that the rich are holding back, the poor, Chavez should be attempting to bolster those less fortunate.  That can’t happen however, because they would then see him for what he is, instead of the self-proclaimed Robin Hood he makes himself out to be.  Chavez is a wolf in wolf’s clothing.  It’s as simple as that.

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