No Led Zeppelin Reunion – For Now

Led Zeppelin’s Celebration Day, a Zeppelin concert film,  which covers their 2007 reunion concert at London’s 02 Arena, premiered Tuesday evening.   The 2007 concert was a one-time tribute to honor Atlantic records founder Ahmet Ertegun.   The film will be released worldwide on 1500 screens on October 17.  With the release of the film, the obvious question on everyone’s mind was, would the band do a reunion concert.  Jimmy Page responded by saying,  “I think it’s disappointing for people when the answer is no.  but that’s what it is now.”  It appeared that Page would be open to it perhaps, but Robert Plant doesn’t seem interested.  Disappointing is not nearly strong enough in terms of how much fans would love to see them together again.  Quite simply and I don’t make this statement without having seen many of the greatest rock groups live, in the past thirty years, Led Zeppelin stands alone as the Greatest Rock Group that every walked on to a stage.  I was at the last concert they played in Madison Square Garden in New York City as a young boy and I will never forget it.  Robert Plant, although he has lost some of his range, can still belt it out, and although there are other great guitarists, Jimmy Page would be my choice for lead if I was starting a band.  Unfortunately, my choice for greatest drummer ever, John Bonham, died in 1980, the cause of the breakup of Zeppelin, but his son Jason is a darn good substitute for his father.  The guy can flat-out play.  And John Paul Jones can hold his own on bass and keyboard.  Many years ago, prior to the murder of John Lennon, there was talk of the Beatles reuniting and probably Yoko was to blame for that not happening.  But there was a great sense of excitement.  A Zeppelin reunion concert would provide that same sense of excitement, more like euphoria for true fans.   Hopefully, before they’re too old or another one passes on, we will again see Page, Plant, Jones and the younger Bonham playing one last concert.

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