US Supreme Court Hears Reverse Discrimination Case

The US Supreme Court heard oral arguments on whether an applicant to the University of Texas was denied admission solely based on the color of her skin.  The question to be addressed is whether or not preferential admission to racially diverse students, was the predominant factor in the applicant not being admitted to UT.  The woman who brought this case, Abigail Fisher, who says she was denied admission to the University of Texas because she’s white, claims, “There were people in my class with lower grades, who weren’t in all the activities I was in, who were accepted into UT.   And the only difference between us was the color of our skin,”  Now of course that’s only her opinion.  How this young woman knows the exact qualifications of all or some of the other applicants is something that would have to be examined in detail.  At face value though, it’s a weak argument.  If proven, the Court would be deciding whether race can in fact be the deciding factor for admissions, contradicting past Supreme Court decisions that concluded racial diversification is legal based on trying to build a multicultural, multi-ethnic student body, but it can’t be the single most important factor in the admissions decision.  In her case, maybe she doesn’t interview well or maybe she has an inflated sense of self.  Justice Kagan, who joined the Court in 2010, has recused herself because she served as President Obama’s solicitor general in 2009 and 2010 when the Justice Department became involved in the case.  That means the decision of the court could be tied 4-4, and the Fifth Circuit Appeals Court ruling in favor of the program would stand.  If overruled, which seems unlikely, it could spell the beginning of the end, of Affirmative Action in this country.

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