First Bieber Now Gaga

There appears to be a situation with a couple of singers throwing up on stage.  Justin Bieber got sick on stage last week in Arizona and now Lady Gaga does the same in Barcelona and keeps performing.  Gaga also was sick on stage in Romania.  It would have been  preferable for her to take a moment to gather herself together, but the show must go on I suppose.  Not everyone can be Prince, Mick Jagger or Madonna sailing along the stage as if wearing inline skates.  Bierber…Gaga…Bieber…Gaga… no doubt that’s the problem.  If your name sounds like a possible sound a baby might make, you may be prone to spitting up.  All joking aside, stuff happens, but it’s off-putting to watch a performer regurgitating on stage.  If Bieber and Gaga are going to continue with this behavior, they should cut out the dancing and just stand in front of the microphone.  If not, Bieber and Gaga need to build some stamina, stop eating six hours prior to a show and stop moving so much.  The other alternative is to stop performing altogether.  This getting sick on stage routine will grow tired, quickly.

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