Was There A Clear Winner In The VP Debate?

Last night’s Vice Presidential debate was a spirited affair to say the least.  There was much back and forth between the Vice President and Paul Ryan but in the end, who won the debate, depends solely on your political leanings.  Everyone has an opinion and the are no real experts when it comes down to it.  So I won’t attempt to push who I thought won the debate.  What I will say is Joe Biden with all of his laughing and smiling came off as very condescending and I believe that may have been off-putting to some.   It’s also a poor debate strategy.  Debates are not comedy shows, they’re serious discussions about fundamental differences, in this case, about how to run the country.  The VP may have been a little nervous and was releasing tension through laughter, but it has no place in a debate.  Further to that, if he has no discipline or self-control in that forum, why should we believe he would be comfortable in a position of leadership.  Joe Biden attempted to come off as the father, teaching his son lessons about life and he really wasn’t able to pull it off.  At times he simply seemed argumentative in an attempt to help the President erase his lackluster Presidential debate performance.  In terms of Paul Ryan, he was more composed than I thought he might be and was obviously schooled well.  He did not come off as aloof and had very cogent arguments, even if you didn’t agree with his message.  So who won the debate according to the media?  A CBS poll came out for Biden 50 percent to only 31 percent for Ryan.  A CNN poll, had it 48 percent for Ryan and 44 percent for Biden.  It doesn’t really matter who came out on top as people will be voting for the Presidential candidate.  No one will walk into a voting booth on November 6 with the thought about who won the VP debate before casting their vote.  The most important piece of news to come out of last night’s debate is either man appears competent to take the helm should the Commander and Chief need to be replaced.  If nothing else, Paul Ryan certainly erased the horrible memories of one, Sarah Palin.  Once again the Republicans have an intelligent, clear-headed person running in the number two slot.  Should the Republican ticket lose the election in November, it won’t be as a result of who is second in line to the Presidency.

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