Body Of Young Oregon Woman Found – Neighbor Arrested

The body of Whitney Heichel, the young woman from Oregon who disappeared on the way to her Barista job at Starbucks, was found on Larch Mountain, in a remote area.  She was reported missing by her husband after she failed to show up for work, Police Chief Craig Junginger told a news conference.  Her neighbor, Jonathan Holt was arrested “after collecting DNA and fingerprints and conducting three interviews over three days”.  There were also “many inconsistencies in Holt’s story” according to Jujginger.  Heichel left her house at 6:45 to be at work for 7:00; she never arrived.  At 9:14AM someone used her ATM card at a service station and two hours later, her SUV was found in a Wal-Mart parking lot with the passenger side window smashed, according to police.  The smashed passenger window could have been an attempt to make it look like a robbery and kidnapping or Holt may have smashed the window and hid in the SUV, lying in wait.  Either way, this is one more in a series of senseless murders around the country.  As a Martial Artist who understands fighting, and violence on a different level than the average person, I don’t understand how a human being could murder a young woman in cold blood.  It makes this person the most dangerous of all murderers.  He has no conscious, so in all likelihood he’s a sociopath.  Killings in self-defense or crimes of passion, while horrible, provide motive.  There is no motive here other than a few dollars.  And if money is the motive, why kill this poor, innocent young woman?  The state of Oregon does have the death penalty and currently two others await execution.  If convicted, it needs to add a third.  In this cold-blooded murderers’ case, the appeals process should proceed quickly so this animal can be put down and not allowed to breathe one more breath than is necessary.  It’s not revenge, it’s justice.

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