Ude Gaeshi (ArmTurn)

From a Hon Shomenate strike (Frontal Attack) on the right side, defender steps in with his left foot and blocks the attack with his right forearm.  Tori then grabs the attackers’ right wrist with his right hand.  Defender then strikes the inside of the attackers right arm, with his left hand, causing the attacker’s arm to bend.  The defender then grabs his own right wrist with his left hand forming a figure “4”.  This is a very strong hold and one that will aid in the takedown of the attacker.  Defender then “C” steps back with his left foot and takes the attacker down in a circular motion causing great discomfort on the attacker’s shoulder.  He has no choice but to go down or risk having his shoulder dislocated.  This is a very affective takedown and one that can be mastered with repetitive practice.

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