Talentless Fame

Out of Hollywood, another Miley Cyrus story.  Apparently she was involved in an altercation several weeks ago at a club, when a patron backed in to her fiance’s chair.  Nothing will come of this and she will undoubtedly face no further recriminations.    Of course if you’re out at night and have some degree of notoriety, you risk being involved in unwanted conflicts.  Then, last week, she was on Jay Leno and wore what was essentially a bra.  Staying in the spotlight is key to remaining famous for insignificant celebrities.  Bad publicity, is still publicity.  The only thing more annoying than Miley Cyrus’s singing voice, is her speaking voice?  She of course had a head start even though her famous father’s career was not much of a career.  She became famous for being the innocent girl next door on the Disney channel.  But she has managed to stay in the spotlight by being a bad girl.  More and more this is the case.  Talented people don’t have to try to stay famous, they do so by their abilities.  If Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt take time off to just hang out, they don’t have to worry about being forgotten by the media or the public.  It’s particularly difficult to stay in the public eye with limited talent.  Kim Kardashian is a prime example.  She’s famous, as is Paris Hilton, for having famous fathers.  Kate Gosselin, who was just terminated from her blogging gig is another example.  Here’s a woman who became famous for having eight children along with the other Octomom Nadya Suleman.  She made a soft core porn to support her family.  Not enough bad porn on the web, I suppose.  There is fame because people have talent and then there’s the digital world, which created fame for people with limited or no talent.  No better examples are the reality shows about New Jersey’s low class young people and housewives from every part of the country who are really just annoying.  When will this end? Hopefully soon because it says a lot about us, that we are willing to buy in to almost anything, no matter how insignificant.  The world of music is another prime example.  While there are talented musicians today, such as John Mayer, Maroon 5 and Jay Z, why are people forking up thousands to see the Rolling Stones?  Led Zeppelin if they ever reunited, could also charge thousands.  The longevity of these groups is warranted because of their talent.  How many people will be listening to Miley Cyrus in forty years?

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