NHL Winter Classic Cancelled

One more casualty of the NHL labor dispute is the Winter Classic which was scheduled to be played at Michigan stadium and feature the two of the original six teams; the Red Wings and Maple Leafs. Since it became an annual event in 2008, the game, which is played outdoors as hockey is meant to be played, has been exceptionally well received. There have been no direct negotiations between the players union and league since October 18 when the players union countered the owner’s offer with three proposals.   The owners quickly rejected all three proposals and it’s looking more and more like there may be no season this year.  The deadline  to play an entire season has come and gone and all games have been cancelled through November 30.  According to the Associated Press, “the Big House and the league were hoping the matchup would break the world record for hockey attendance. Michigan and Michigan State’s hockey teams drew a record 104,173 fans in 2010.”  After featuring only American teams for the first five years, the 2013 Winter Classic was to feature its first Canadian team and was to be played on January 1, 2013.

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