Young Centrist Republicans Need To Take Back The Party

If Republicans aren’t able to figure out what happened in last night’s Presidential and Senate elections, and change course, they will continue down the road toward antiquated, insignificance. Clearly the extreme right is not the correct choice for most Americans.   Even though this country at the local level, is right of center, it doesn’t translate at the national level, particularly with the Electoral Vote.  This country is becoming more liberal in the population centers and Republicans need to understand this.  For the first time in history, two states, by popular vote, approved gay marriage, Maine and Maryland.  Two other states, Washington and Minnesota had gay marriage on their ballots but the votes have not yet been announced.  It is likely to pass in both.  That would raise the total number of states recognizing same-sex marriage to ten, plus the District of Columbia.  Tammy Baldwin made history by being elected the first openly gay Senator from Wisconsin.  Two states approved measures legalizing recreational marijuana use, Colorado and Washington State.  If people can drink, why shouldn’t they be able to smoke pot?  For many years, there was a stigma about marijuana being a “drug” but so is nicotine and alcohol.  Clearly the tea party all but died last night and the Republican Party needs to regroup.  Yes they maintained control of the House, but the Democrats are closer to once again gaining a filibuster-proof Senate in two years.  The defeats of two horrible, addlepated, candidates, Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, should have sent a clear message to the Republican leadership.  Even a more moderate, Scott Brown, who swept into office replacing Ted Kennedy, lost his fight to retain his Senate seat in Massachusetts despite his centrist views.  On the campaign trail, he referred to himself as one who “bridges the gap between the extremes”.  Young Republicans like Scott Brown, Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Eric Cantor, need to step up to the plate and take back the party of Lincoln.  It will not be a an easy fight, but worthwhile fights never are.

2 thoughts on “Young Centrist Republicans Need To Take Back The Party

  1. Mn was voting on a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a man and a woman, not to legalize gay marriage. Small, but significant difference.

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