President Obama Re-Elected

In a close, hard-fought race, President Obama has won re-election.  In the end, there were too many negatives attached to Mitt Romney including his religion and his wealth.  In many ways, Romney was his own worst enemy.  His Vice Presidential choice, was a poor one.  There’s nothing wrong with Paul Ryan per se, but he was the incorrect running mate.  In grade five, we learned about the importance of balancing the ticket.  The Romney, Ryan ticket was anything but balanced.  His comment about the 47% showed him to be insensitive to a large portion of the electorate.  His position on self-deportation was out of touch and hurt him with immigrant voters.  In an attempt to appeal to the ultra right, he came across as extreme during the Republican debates.  And while Mitt Romney did well in the first Presidential debate, (he toned down his primary rhetoric) it was too little too late.  President Obama is the great communicator.  With unemployment at 7.9% it should have been a huge negative but instead he was able to convince voters that even though unemployment is still a problem, we’re heading in the right direction.  With four more years, history will be written for the President because he will no longer be able to be blame George W Bush for all of the problems he faced.  President Obama will own his second term from day one.  What this President must learn, is how to reach across the aisle.  He must learn how to deal with our allies such as Israel.  He must learn the difference between being respected by the world and placating the world.  Of course he gave the typical strong, motivational Obama speech.  No one is better, even though it was more of the same and I believe most Americans are tired of this campaign and are happy it’s over.  So now it’s time to get back to business.  Hopefully the President, and divided Congress can at last move forward together, to all of our benefits. Most importantly, the United States of America is still the envy of the world.  I doubt many people followed the change of power in China or cared.  But for one day, every four years, the eyes of the world are upon us and our great Republic.  And no matter who we supported, at the end of the night, when all the ballots are counted, we are all Americans.  Congratulations Mr. President.

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