Breastfeeding Doll Causing Controversy

Introducing the latest controversy sweeping the country, a doll that breastfeeds.  When my sister and I were young, she had dolls that cried, dolls who sucked their thumbs, dolls whose hair grew long and could be shortened.  Today there’s a doll who breastfeeds.  The little girl holds the doll and it makes a suckling sound.  The world must surely be coming to an end.  Never mind Hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter, it’s a breastfeeding that will do us in.  Sodom and Gamora.  Bill O’Reilly discussed the doll on his fox show, explaining why he has a problem with the dolls, “I just want the kids to be kids, and this kind of stuff. We don’t need this.” This is the wrong attitude.  In response to O’Reilly, Sally Wendkos Olds, who wrote “The Complete Book of Breastfeeding,” said, “I think it’s a very cute toy, I think it’s just crazy what Bill O’Reilly was saying that it’s sexualizing little girls.”  Americans are too darn puritanical.  Breastfeeding is natural and quite frankly, a beautiful thing.  What’s wrong with children knowing about how mothers feed their babies?  Little girls watching their mothers breastfeed are curious.  It’s only natural.  There is nothing sexual about it.  Bible crazy Americans think anything having to do with the body is the work of the devil.  Sex with the lights off and only for procreation, otherwise leave those parts alone. The real issue, which is always unspoken, is American men find breasts sexual, even when feeding a baby.  Men don’t get upset by the activity per se, they get upset by the temptation.  If breastfeeding in public is denied to women it makes them feel more at ease.  The problem is in men.  Sexual deviance in this country would be cured if we didn’t make the human body “dirty”.  It isn’t.  If you think it is, you need to see a shrink.  Going back to the breastfeeding baby, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.  It’s sweet and innocent and it sickens me that men, would turn it in to something ugly.  Grow Up!

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