A Thanksgiving Message

On this Thanksgiving, Americans from sea to shining sea, and border to border, should be reflecting on how fortunate we all are. There are those who are still feeling the effects of Sandy and our hearts go out to them.  They won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving in their homes as they have either suffered serious damage or their homes are completely gone.  It’s always easy to be pessimistic but so much better to be optimistic.  Our attitudes can certainly shape our lives.  Often the world is far better than we view it because of our own biases and negativity.  Despite the fact we are far from perfect, and must continue to strive to improve, there is no greater country than ours.  So often our hectic, daily lives leave us exhausted and unhappy.  It’s far easier to complain about what’s missing from our lives than to celebrate all we have.  The United States is still the great beacon of hope she has always been and is the reason why so many seek her shores; to join in the greatest experiment in democracy, in the history of mankind.  So today, while sitting down at the table to eat and celebrate with loved ones and friends, give thanks.  Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Message

    • Thank you. I appreciate the feedback. My goal from the start has been to report interesting information with a truly centrist perspective. Your comment leads me to believe I’m headed in the correct direction. Cheers!

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