Black Friday

Throughout the days leading up to Thanksgiving we are bombarded with the phrase “Black Friday”.  Most people understand that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, which kicks off the holiday shopping season.  But why Black Friday.  I’ll answer that in a moment.  But first, it’s a day, that despite the realization that stores will be packed with crazed shoppers, millions of brave souls head off to stores to fight with the other shoppers seeking out great deals.  In an attempt to drive sales, retailers offer great discounts and continue to open earlier and earlier every year.  Some retailers kicked off the shopping frenzy at midnight of Thanksgiving.  Other retailers kicked off the season between 4:00-6:00AM Friday morning with so-called “door busters” or great early morning bargains such as flat screen TVs for $200 dollars.  Wal-Mart employees throughout the country have been protesting what they say is retaliation for demanding better salaries and healthcare in addition to opening their doors at 8:00PM on Thanksgiving night, cutting in to family celebrations.  Add to this on-line holiday shopping and Black Friday equates to no less than complete pandemonium.  But going back to the original question, why is Black Friday referred to as Black Friday, it’s because it’s the day when retailers operating in the red, or at a loss, turn that loss into the “black”, or profit.   It’s the reason holiday sales are scrutinized so closely.  The Holiday shopping season can account for 50% or more of retailers’ sales in any given year.

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