Update: Colorado Investigators Confirm Dylan Redwine Not A Runaway

Update:  Investigators in Vallecito have confirmed that missing child, Dylan Redwine, did not run away.  Authorities are asking for anyone who may have filmed vehicles traveling on main routes between Durango and Vallecito Lake between 6 p.m. Nov. 18 and 12 p.m. Nov. 19 to provide a copy of the video to police.  Unfortunately, this has all the makings of another tragic ending.  As each day passes, the odds of finding Dylan alive, decrease precipitously.

Once again, Colorado has a missing teenager.  Dylan Redwine disappeared from his father Mark Redwine’s Vallecito home this past Monday, who reported his son missing to authorities at 6:00PM.  Vallecito is located approximately 330 miles(530km) southeast of Denver.  He was last seen walking along a road with another boy.  The Elder Redwine told authorities he had last seen his son Monday morning at 7:00AM.  Six days after his disappearance there are still no clues as to his whereabouts.  He arrived at his father’s home on Sunday as part of a court ordered visit and was spending the Thanksgiving Holiday with his father.  Since there has been no evidence of foul play at this point, he may have simply run away.  Speaking to the The Denver Post, La Plata County Sheriff’s spokesman Dan Bender said, “There is nothing new at all, which is what makes it frustrating.”  In a statement released from a family spokesman, it says, “Dylan’s entire family and many friends are clearly heartbroken over his disappearance and are very passionately trying to share information about his whereabouts to assist authorities.  The family continues to accept help from all possible individuals and organizations to find Dylan and bring him home.”  Over the weekend more than two-hundred volunteers combed the area and searched house to house in an attempt to find Dylan.  He is described as five feet tall with blonde hair and blue eyes.

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