Teen Knocked Unconscious On London Street

Out of London, a story of a teen being knocked unconscious by a stranger who sneaked up from behind and struck the victim.  The sixteen year old girl, who was savagely attacked, was completely unaware of what was about to happen to her.  She was wearing a jacket with a hood, which was on her head at the time.  That raises an important topic.  Our first line of defense against attack, is our senses, particularly our ability to see and hear.  As we head towards winter and people begin the process of wrapping themselves in heavy jackets, with hoods, they need to be aware that they are reducing their ability to see, (peripherally) and hear.  Hats and hoods are quite restrictive and makes individuals vulnerable, particularly when walking late at night or in isolated areas.  Every year, around this time, I teach my students the importance of heightened awareness.  If wearing a hat or hood, you need to look around constantly, to be aware of your surroundings.  The same applies if you wear ear buds or headphones when you walk.  Never be oblivious to what’s happening around you.  Don’t look like a victim.  This teenager was quite lucky because if you watch the video, her injuries could have been far more serious.  Police have arrested thirty-four year old Michael Ayoade, who pleaded guilty to assault,.occasioning actual body harm.  He’s been remanded until his unspecified court date.

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