More Trouble For Ex-Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash

Former Elmo Puppeteer, Kevin Clash has been making headlines repeatedly but for all the wrong reasons.  Clash, who recently resigned from the Sesame Street cast, has found himself in more legal trouble as yet a third man has come out and said Clash engaged him in sexual acts when underage.  According to court papers filed at a federal court in New York on Tuesday, the man — referred to as ‘John’ in the documents — claims Clash invited him to his apartment after they spoke on the phone when he was sixteen years of age.  John, now twenty-eight, alleges Clash gave him alcohol and “groomed him” before engaging in “sexual contact.”  Although no further sexual contact was alleged after that initial incident, that contact caused untold damage.  The court papers go on to say,  “As a 16-year-old child, John was not emotionally or psychologically prepared for a sexual relationship with a grown man in his forties.”  There is a delicate balance in play between wanting justice for the victim and the rights of the accused.  The last thing anyone should want is for victims not to come forward out of fear or retribution but a single alleged act, twelve years prior is going to be difficult to prove in court.  ‘John’ wants a trial and is suing Clash for an undisclosed sum of money.  Other than the distraction, is this the reason Clash resigned?  Are there more accusers that will come forward and will we discover he’s a serial pedophile?

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