Arafat’s Body Exhumed

The body of former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has been exhumed in an attempt to find out how he died.  International forensic experts will be charged with making that determination.  Arafat died in November of 2004 in a French Hospital, after suddenly falling ill, a month prior to his death.  Muslim doctors will take sample from his bones and will hand them over to French, Russian and Swiss experts who flew in, in order pick up the samples and will then fly home with them to their respective countries.  Under Muslim law, only a Muslim can handle Muslim remains.  This investigation was apparently sparked by radioactive polonium, which is lethal, said to be found on the clothing of Arafat.  However, polonium has a short radioactive half-life and there is a good possibility there won’t be enough left for testing purposes.  If there is enough polonium left to be tested, two points need to be made; 1) why didn’t the Palestinians test him for radioactive poisoning prior to burying him originally and 2) if he was poisoned, it would be very difficult to tie it to the Israeli’s or anyone else for that matter.  Arafat had enemies other than the Israelis and to conclude they were involved without concrete evidence, would be a miscarry of justice.  If it can be proven the israeli’s were involved, then it needs to be taken to the international community.

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