Another Case Of Brutality Perpetrated On A Child

The horror of Jersey Bridgeman’s life and untimely death, should never happen to another child and can only be described as hell on earth.  Too often I have been writing about missing children who are raped, murdered or both.  It makes one weary and something must be done to protect our children from sadistic, unstable, anti-social individuals who serve no purpose other than to feed their own sick need  for violence.  It’s a large part of what motivates me to teach small children self-defense; how to injure an adult who is trying to hurt them.  Before going in to the facts of what happened in Bentonville, Arkansas on November 19, let me be clear, normal, well-adjusted men don’t rape and kill little children.   When it comes to violent perpetrators, there is a “normal”.  If you have any suspicion or “gut” feeling it’s OK to profile.  It’s one of our natural, survival skills and should not be ignored.  It may save your child’s life.  It may save your life.  The sad and tragic case of Jersey Bridgeman takes place in Arkansas.  Jersey was an adorable six-year-old who should have been living a happy, carefree life of a small child but instead is being buried.  She lived in a dysfunctional world that her parents,(and I use term loosely) birthed her in to.  Jersey’s stepmother and father are serving time in prison for chaining her to a dresser at night.  Jana Bridgeman, Jersey’s stepmother, is serving twelve years in prison and her biological father is serving eighteen years.  When the duo went away to serve time for abusing her, she was sent to live with her biological mother Desarae, in Bentonville, Arkansas, where she started kindergarten this fall.  Desarae and Jersey lived next door to Zachary Holly and his wife, Amanda who frequently babysat Jersey and her two-year-old sister.  According to the affidavit of probable cause released Wednesday, on November 19 at 11:00PM, when Desarae came home from work, she went to the Holly’s to pick up both girls.  Zachary carried Jersey and Desarae carried her younger sister back to her house and placed them in the same bed.  The next morning, Desarae reported Jersey missing.  A few minutes later, her lifeless body was found in an abandoned house two doors away.  The document stated the crime lab worked through the holiday weekend in order to obtain a DNA profile of semen found on Jersey’s body.  On November 23, according to the affidavit, Zachary Holly called  Bentonville police and showed up at the station where he was subsequently booked on charges of “capital murder, kidnapping, rape and residential burglary”.  What demons could allow a man to rape and kill a six-year-old girl, no one on this earth can explain.  The only hope is that he will be convicted and sentenced to the ultimate penalty; not as a deterrent, but as justice for Jersey.  We as a society, should be ashamed that one so helpless, can fall prey to an inhuman, monster like Zachary Holly.  The lesson to be learned, if you suspect something, say something.  We must all play a part in protecting our children.  The fact is, most children are kidnapped, raped or murdered, by someone they know; be it a family member, friend or neighbor, not by a stranger.  After a tortured life, Jersey can at last have some peace.

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