President Obama Needs To Start Negotiating and Stop Propagandizing

President Obama is at it again.  He is attempting to use his constituents and social media to get out the message and build support regarding the fiscal cliff.  What this President does so poorly, is negotiate directly with the other side.  The almost 49% who didn’t vote for him aren’t about to start listening to him now.  And the people who did vote for him, aren’t going to sway Republicans.  The President must deal with the Congress directly not have social media and the American People do his job for him.  From the White House, he said the following, “If Congress does nothing, every family in America will see their taxes automatically go up at the beginning of next year.”  He was addressing a group of middle-income earners and civil rights organizations; his core supporters.  What part of reaching out to the other side doesn’t he understand?  It’s almost as if he doesn’t listen to his own speeches.  He promised to sit down with Republicans and reach a deal.  What we don’t need at this time is another public relations propaganda campaign.  We need immediate and definitive negotiations and solutions.  Who can make this President understand that?  I suggest, instead of campaigning, which of course he does so well, he gets down to business instead.  We all lose if no deal is reached and despite the fact he will blame the Republicans, he has more to lose than any of the other Congress people because is the Captain of this ship and the Captain always goes down with the ship.  Republicans are of course not happy with the President and believe he should be spending all his time negotiating with them as opposed to rallying public support.  In this instance, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are absolutely on the mark.  Everyone should now understand what’s at stake if no deal is reached.  This modest recovery will come to a screeching halt.  Yes taxes will go up, but if a recession occurs as a result, then tax dollars decrease because more people will be unemployed and not paying taxes.  If that happens, both Democrats and Republicans must be held accountable.  But President Obama, and his inability to bring the two sides together, must bare the brunt of the blame for failing to negotiate an agreement.

2 thoughts on “President Obama Needs To Start Negotiating and Stop Propagandizing

  1. Agree with your post. The Republicans have shown willingness to compromise even to the extent of upsetting Mr Norquist. Instead of building upon that momentum and standing up for his team (Congress and Senate), he’s back in propaganda mode. There is a distinct difference between a leader and manager. Leadership is easy, management entails getting down to brass tacks and that can be painful. That’s why we often see ex-Governors (not always though) do a better job as Presidents than ex-Senators.

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