Seven Of The Top Ten Wealthiest Congress People Are Democrats


Roll Call is out with its annual list of fifty wealthiest Congress people and seven of the top ten wealthiest are Democrats.  Three of the top five are Democrats.  Leading the way for the second consecutive year is Republican Michael McCaul from Texas with a net worth of $310 million dollars.  Second wealthiest is John Kerry, former Presidential candidate and husband of Teresa Heinz, widow of Sen John Heinz III, of the Heinz ketchup empire, with an estimated worth of $199 million dollars.  At number three is Darrell Issa, R-Calif., at $141 million, is a is the founder of Directed Electronics Inc., which makes car alarms.  Fourth on the list is Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., at $86 million. He was co-founder of Nextel Communications Inc.  Rounding out the top five is Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V., worth $83 million.  He’s the great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller, founder of the Standard Oil Company.  House Minority Leader, D-Nancy Pelosi, comes in at number thirteen, with $26 million dollars.  One thing that should be abundantly clear, all of those who made the list are wealthy because they participated in the very system they now criticize.  I refer specifically to the Democrats because they are the ones who criticize the system most vocally.  Pelosi and her family of multi-millionaires are the most hypocritical among us.   Republicans don’t criticize the system because they understand that regardless of what Democrats may say, education and hard work can still lift anyone who is committed to making it in this country.  I was recently involved in a conversation with a business associate who is worth in the neighborhood of ten to fifteen million dollars.  He happens to be liberal and an Obama supporter.  I asked him his reasoning, and his answer was not unexpected.  He said, very honestly, “I have more than enough money to live the rest of my life and to support all three of my children despite what the government does.”  In other words, he can afford to be liberal.  Why not help others who are less fortunate, as long as it doesn’t affect his status in the world.  He wants to help the less fortunate but he also wants them to help themselves.  This country afforded him, a poor child growing up, the ability to achieve the American Dream.  That’s why we must never allow the most leftist, liberals to destroy that dream.  Despite what Michael Moore says, a person who is poor can still make it in this country.  I see them every day.  Yes the competition is greater since more people are attending colleges and universities but we, as Americans must always be leery of allowing any group, party or union from starting class warfare.  We are not Europe and it doesn’t apply here.  The average person may never become the CEO of IBM but one doesn’t need to become the CEO to enjoy all the great things this country has to offer.

2 thoughts on “Seven Of The Top Ten Wealthiest Congress People Are Democrats

  1. It costs a boatload of money to win elections in the modern era. That’s one reason why no matter which party is the majority, most members of Congress will inevitably be millionaires. When the Republicans held majorities in both houses, I’m sure at least 7 of the 10 richest were GOP.

    You state that the people listed became rich by participating in the system, then name John Kerry, who became rich only because he married a much richer widow. Many of the millionaires in Congress and the Presidency also did nothing to earn it. They were the children or grandchildren of rich parents who had earned it, and they merely inherited it. That’s the case of most of the Bushes, Kennedys and Romneys. There’s often a dynastic factor in American history. But I agree that it’s still possible to acquire wealth through education and diligence also.

    • Invisible Mikey, Points all well taken. My only real argument was the Democrats play the every man card and that’s just not the case. The message should be, if you want to obtain wealth and prosperity, there should be that opportunity. Let’s face it, not every person has their sights set on taking over the world and that’s fine too. But the message shouldn’t be, look at all those rich, evil, wealthy, Republicans. They’re all the same.

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