Egyptians Still Protesting Despite Morsi Concession

Egptian Protests Against the Brotherhood

Mass protests are being called for in Egypt despite the fact Morsi annulled the decree that gave him sweeping powers.  However, he said the government would still go ahead with the Constitutional referendum.  This is unacceptable to a large number of those calling for protests.  Despite the fact that tens of thousands of Egyptians came out to support Morsi over the weekend, Egypt is a country of $83 million people so that is in no way, overwhelming support.  At this point is appears the vast majority of Egyptians understand the importance of this moment in history and refuse to be led down the incorrect path.  According to the NPR, “outrage had been spilling into the streets and around the presidential palace in Cairo over Morsi’s executive decree and the proposed constitution, which the opposition says leaves out the rights of women, secular Egyptians and Christians.”  Egypt is the last, best hope for democracy to be born from the Arab Spring.  Al Arabiya,reporting from a news conference, quoted a coalition spokesman, saying: “Egypt now is in a real revolution against the rule of the Brotherhood.”  The Egyptian military leaders have said they won’t allow the country to fall in to anarchy but not necessarily in defense of the Brotherhood.  Egyptian opposition leaders are calling for more mass protests.  The lines will be drawn between those who want a full-fledged Islamist State and the more moderate secularists.  Ultimately, whoever has the backing of the military will emerge the winner in the standoff.

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