Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Sells $26.2 Million In Stock


Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook has sold 947,000 shares of Facebook stock, ranging in price from $27.39 to $27.90 a share, for a value of over $26 million dollars.  according to Paul Sloan, “the stock has been increasing in value ever since Wall Street has embraced the company’s we’re-all-about-mobile message and the biggest so-called lockups on insider trading their pre-IPO shares have passed.”  The stock, which rose 1.9 percent on Friday to close at $27.49, has been on a steady rise; almost 40 percent since early November.  Sandberg had already sold approximately $12 million dollars worth of shares, prior to Friday’s sale.  In October, Business insider reported that Sandberg had approximately thirty-four million shares of vested stock worth an estimated $790 million dollars.  So the sale of a small number of her total shares should not be viewed as a lack of confidence in the stock.  It appears Sandberg was simply trying to liquefy a few of her shares.

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