Florida Professor Breaks Electric Vehicle Distance Record

Tesla S

A Florida College Professor and his son have broken the electric car distance record.  Though unofficial at this time, Model S owner David Metcalf and his son Adam drove a reported 423.5 miles (681.56km), on a single charge.  If it’s confirmed, it means pure EV owners will no longer need to suffer from range anxiety.  David and his son originally set out to simply reach the 400 mile mark (640km), but kept driving until the battery was fully depleted.  The car was then towed back to the Metcalf home where it was recharged in ten hours.  Upon completion of the record-setting drive, which is in the process of being confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records, Metcalf received a call from Tesla Vice President, George Blankenship congratulating him for his accomplishment.  Even CEO Elon Musk found the time to post a congratulatory message to Metcalf and his son on Twitter.  If indeed this milestone distance on a single charge is confirmed, it raises the stakes in the ever-improving class of pure Electric Vehicles(EVs).  The only issue that would then remain, is how to make them more affordable.  The top of the line Tesla with the 85-kWh hour battery, will set you back over one $100,000 even after the $7,500 government rebate.

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