Searching For Answers After Another Senseless Mass Murder

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Yet another completely senseless killing spree, this time, twenty innocent young children and six adults slaughtered by a deranged, perpetrator. Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut became the scene of the second worst murder spree at a school, in the history of this country.  Connecticut Governor Dan Molloy said it best when he stated, “Evil visited this community today”.  The President said anyone who is a parent is affected by this tragedy and he is absolutely correct.  It’s almost too much to bare.  Any parent who has ever dropped off his or her child at school, particularly  grammar school, assumes their child is well taken care of and safe.  Twenty year old Adam Lanza, took his mother’s legal and registered weapons and turned them on her, killing her, before heading off on the four mile drive to where it’s believed she either volunteered or taught as a substitute teacher.  When he arrived at the school, not only was he able to gain easy access, he was able to fire as many as one hundred shots, before turning one of the weapons on himself.  The most horrific part of this tragedy, is the desire to take innocent life.  Perhaps his mother was a horrible influence, perhaps she abused and beat him, causing him to shoot and kill her.  Perhaps he was mentally ill, but why go to the school and kill innocent people, most of them children?  If he was mentally ill, maybe he felt his mommy was taking better care of those children than she took care of him.  Or maybe he resented the fact that she worked at all because it meant leaving him.  Whatever the reason, and there really is no logical reason one can come up with, he was not insane at the time.  The act of shooting his mother, driving to the school, and finding a particular classroom, showed forethought and calculation.  It was too well planned and executed to be a case of “he just flipped out and lost it”.  There was a reason in his sick mind for doing this and no one will ever know unless he left a suicide note or some definitive evidence as to his diabolical plan.  This case will undoubtedly bring up calls for tighter gun control, but the guns were legally registered to the mother.  In addition, Connecticut already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.  So to answer Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s, impassioned plea, that probably would not have made a difference in this case.  In a free society, a person intent on murdering innocents can not be stopped unless people pre-emptively become involved.  That is, someone reports strange behavior or something that was said, to authorities.  It’s difficult to believe his mother knew her son was mentally ill and had these legal weapons in her home knowing this.  Perhaps she purchased them, to protect herself from him, which if it is the case, proved to be a poor plan.  Finally, and most importantly, our grammar schools are not well enough protected.  There is no way this person should have gained access to the school.  If there were metal detectors with well-trained individuals at the door, (and I don’t mean young people earning minimum wage) this might have been avoided.  Aren’t our children worth the investment?

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