What happened in NewTown Connecticut was horrible beyond words, almost unimaginable but speaks more to our culture and country, than to gun ownership.  What if the murderer had killed those innocent children by setting off homemade bombs, or setting the school on fire, would that have made it better because at least they weren’t killed by guns?  While the press likes to demonize the NRA, there are many lawyers, doctors, business owners and investment bankers, who are members and live right here in New York City.  There’s a shooting range in Midtown Manhattan and educated, wealthy individuals utilize the club during lunch, at night or on weekends.  Most NRA members are law-abiding, Americans who simply want to protect their rights to gun ownership as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. Those most opposed to gun ownership are not familiar with firearms and have probably never fired a pistol or rifle, or seen one up close.  The…

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