Dominos Founder Sues Over Healthcare Requirement


The founder of Dominos Pizza, Tom Monaghan, a devout Catholic, has sued the government over the new healthcare requirement that under the Affordable Care Act, health plans must provide contraception.  Monaghan claims that contraception isn’t healthcare but a “gravely immoral” practice.  The law in question, part of healthcare reform, requires employers to provide contraceptives or face a hefty fine.  Monaghan has sued the government in federal court on the grounds that the new law “attacks and desecrate a foremost tenet of the Catholic Church,” which considers contraception “a grave sin.” It adds that the mandate compels insurance issuers to cover the morning-after pill, “despite their known abortifacient mechanisms of action.”  Although Monaghan no longer owns the company, he sold it in 1998, he is suing on behalf of Domino’s Farms Corp which operates an office complex.  This is going to be a tough argument to make in court because it would allow for any number of companies to come forward and sue based on objectionable grounds.  In fact, there are a number of lawsuits across the country challenging the Constitutionality of the contraception and sterilization mandate.  Under the Affordable Care Act, companies with fifty or more employees will be required to provide contraception and sterilization at no cost or face mandatory penalties.  The Washington Times has reported that including this latest filing, there are forty-two such lawsuits waiting to come before courts challenging the Constitutionality of the mandates.  Since 2000, companies that provide prescription coverage have been required to cover birth control.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that denying contraception qualified as discrimination “on the basis of a woman’s ability to become pregnant,” and so violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.  Monaghan has said if the lawsuit fails, he will continue to provide healthcare to his employees despite the mandate.

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