Global Warming – A Brief Observation

Global Ice Melt

So much has been written recently regarding global warming and the rise of the oceans, that it seems as if there is little if anything we can do to reverse the inevitable.  This past September, scientists announced that the polar ice is melting even more quickly than was originally thought and if the trend continues, within thirty years there will be a catastrophic rise in the oceans.  But the melting ice not only causes a rise in sea level but melting snow causes the earth to absorb more heat as snow reflects the suns rays back in to the atmosphere.  The absorption of heat, causes the temperature to rise therefore causing the ice and snow to melt more quickly.  It appears to be a quickly escalating vicious cycle.  However, one thing never mentioned this time of year is the ceasing of the ice melt.  For example, at 10:00PM Eastern Time, the temperature in North Pole Alaska is -26F (-32C).  The ten-day forecast for North Pole Alaska never sees the temperature rise above -5F(-20.6C) and gets as low as -39F (-39C).  It’s understandable why no photos or video are being taken of collapsing glaciers.  In fact if one was to see photos of the arctic or Alaska, it would look just like one would expect; frigid and white.  Months of weather below zero will help build back some of the ice lost in summer.  There’s certainly enough ice this time of year for polar bears.  One other important point, if temperatures are still reaching dangerously low levels, it’s safe to say the warming of the earth is not going to happen overnight and we might actually see some colder than average winters, mixed in with the warmer than average winters.  Despite what some scientists are suggesting, New York City won’t be under water in thirty years.  No one can deny global weather pattern changes, but how quickly and what they will mean over the next one-hundred years, no one really knows.  Projections are simple to make, especially when scientists aren’t answerable to anyone and don’t have to be concerned about repercussions.

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