Fiscal Cliff Agreement All But Dead

Fiscal Cliff

We are at “D-day” and I don’t mean the day the world comes to an end.  Once again an end of world prophecy has come and gone and we’re still here.  Those naive enough to believe that nonsense will in fact have to face the inevitable fiscal cliff, along with the rest of us.  A deal is all but dead and both sides are to blame, none more so than President Obama.  Apparently neither he or John Boehner cares about the American people and what it will mean for the economy.  While it’s true the President no longer faces an election, there has to be a way this President can learn to negotiate with those on the other side of the aisle.  In his four years as President he has been the most divisive leader in the history of this country.  Yes, the Republicans have not been good partners, but his negotiating skills are simply terrible.  He speaks a great game, but his words are never demonstrated by action.  We will all be facing huge tax increases come January 1 and it will throw the country back in to a recession.  At that point, both sides will blame each other.  But here’s why the President is ultimately to blame.  He needs to give in on the tax hikes this year and force some concessions from Republicans, such as cuts in military spending.  He doesn’t know how to do that.  The Republicans can’t have it both ways.  But if he offers nothing to the other side, why are they going to allow the tax cuts to expire?  And make no mistake, he has offered nothing to Republicans.  The only result of the expiring Bush-era tax cuts will be to kill the already weak recovery.  One more year of Bush tax cuts might allow other decisions to be made, based on the increasing tax revenue with more people re-joining the workforce.  One positive if we do choose to walk off the cliff; it will force us to be fiscally responsible.  It’s the reason the tax cuts expire in the first place.  The worst part is, the only people who will suffer are the middle class and poor people.  Well played Mr. President.

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