Wayne LaPierre Speaks Out On Protecting Our Children

Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre, the Executive Vice President of the NRA spoke at a press conference in Washington DC and addressed the issue of gun violence on our kids.  While the NRA, and La Pierre have been demonized by the mass media, LaPierre made many cogent, real and intelligent points in his speech.  So before simply reading the slanted take on his words, I suggest you view the video.  It’s important in any debate, to see both sides of the issue and then draw your own conclusions.  The question of assault rifles vs revolvers did not come up, but rather the safety and protection of our children, today.  If the murderer in Newtown Connecticut had been in possession of three revolvers, it would have made no difference, children would still have been killed.  The first point LaPierre made was the fact that we advertise “Gun Free School Zones”.  Our schools are safe because there are no guns.  Does that make any sense?  He correctly stated that to the sick, deranged mind, a school is where he can, “inflict maximum mayhem with minimum risk”.  Maybe an unstable mind, set on murder doesn’t even have a firearm but a machete or gasoline and matches.  The announcement that there is no one to protect our kids, is the incorrect message to send.  LaPierre takes this argument a step further.  We care about our money, we care about our office buildings, airports and President, all of which and whom are surrounded by armed personnel.  But our kids; “we leave them utterly defenseless against monsters and predators”.  Why do we need armed guards in banks?  It’s only money and is easily replaced.  Our children, on the other hand, can never be replaced!  There should be trained, armed guards, in every school in the country.  As he also pointed out, Federal Gun Prosecutions are down 40% in the past ten years while violent crime is again on the rise.  Why is that not being addressed?  LaPierre points to a dirty little truth; there is a “callous and corrupt industry that sells violence to our kids”.  Whether it’s the maker of video games like Mortal Combat or Grand Theft Auto or movies like Natural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction, which glamorize murder.  But of course no industry is more hypocritical than Hollywood movie makers.  Movies are “fantasy”, “make-believe”, but not to a child.  and certainly not to a young person who is mentally unbalanced.  I detested the first Batman movie with Heath Ledger.  It was a movie about a killer who killed for no other reason than his own amusement.  That was a disgrace and yet everyone, including Hollywood, loved it.  No one in the media has the right to criticize the law-abiding, gun owning members of the NRA when Hollywood executives sell murder and rape for a living!!  As LaPierre pointed out, the violent, movies that Hollywood makes is the “ultimate pornography”.  He said it so well, Hollywood movies are “a race to the bottom”.  By the time a child reaches the ripe old age of eighteen, “he has witnessed 16,000 murders and 20,000 acts of violence” and NRA members are the demons?

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