Update: Arrest In NYC Subway Death

NYC Subway

Update: Police have arrested suspect Erica Menendez and charged her with a hate crime after a passer-by noticed her from surveillance video.  A spokeswoman for Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said Menendez told authorities she “hates Hindus and Muslims”.  The victim, Sunando Sen was from India but his religious affiliation, if any, is unknown. The attack on Sen was the second such attack this month and has people concerned about safety in the subway.  The most important deterrent to such an attack is to stay away from the edge of the platform and to always be aware of the surroundings.

Yet another subway, straphanger has been killed by a New York City subway train after being pushed on to the tracks.  In this instance, there was a woman who was apparently talking to herself and following closely behind the victim.  The man was standing on the elevated platform of the number 7 line in Queens.  Paul Browne, New York City spokesman said, “When the train pulled up to the platform, the woman got up from a nearby bench and shoved the man down.”  He apparently never saw it coming, as he was standing with his back to her.  The woman, who’s describes as Hispanic, 5’5″ tall, in her 20s and heavyset, fled the scene.  She was wearing a white and gray ski jacket and Nike sneakers.  This is the second such incident this month.  On December 3, Ki Suk Han was pushed to his death by Naeem Davis.  Apparently the two had been involved in an altercation prior to Davis pushing Han onto the tracks in Times Square.  Most people who ride the subway are aware of the danger of standing too close to the tracks but many others do lean over to see if there is an oncoming train.  Doing so is dangerous not just because of possibility of being pushed, one can easily slip and fall on to the tracks.  But one thing that should be clear, is to always be aware of your surroundings.  If there is anyone near, don’t stand near or lean over the edge of the platform.  The other important point is to always let people know you are aware of their presence by briefly looking at them.  So many people are afraid to make eye contact because they are afraid of a possible confrontation.  They keep their eyes and heads down.  But the ostrich, who sticks his head in the ground is still visible to predators.  Don’t be a victim.

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