Our Ineffective Government Is Ultimately Our Fault


President Obama has returned early from his Hawaiian Vacation and John Boehner has called back House members from the Holiday break in order to reach some sought of consensus on avoiding the fiscal cliff.  The President is going to have to raise the limit on who should have their taxes raised and Boehner, for his part, will have to agree to raise taxes.  In addition, the President is going to have to agree to spending cuts.  In all likelihood it’s for naught but at least they’re trying to get it done.  It’s quite incredible how it must come down to the eleventh hour before there’s a sense of urgency.  Both sides will blame each other, but each side is equally at fault.  This country’s at a crossroads, which is why we are so divided.  The two sides consist of those who long for the good ol’ days and those who want change in social policy, in particular.  The inability of the United States Congress to reach a consensus on anything, other than the use of foul language, addresses directly, the policy makers we are sending to Congress. This brings me to my next point.  We the people, elect our Senators and House Members to Congress term after term, so we are ultimately to blame for their poor performance.  The approval rating of our lawmakers is at an all time low of 11%.  So why do the incumbents keep winning election after election?  Regardless of what anyone may say about buying elections, no matter how much a candidate spends, he or she still must win more votes on election day than his or her challenger.  If everyone voted for the person who spent the least amount of money as a protest, the big spenders would lose.  It’s that simple.  Lets stop blaming Congress and begin blaming ourselves.  In the next big election, two years from now, we can change the direction of our Government.  Force them to answer to us because despite the fact we give them grand importance, these people are just citizens who represent us, that’s all.  They are not celebrities, and they are not royalty.  It’s time to start reminding them of that fact.  They answer to us!.  Let’s see to it they do!

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