Las Vegas Is So Much More Than “Sin CIty”


Las Vegas, often referred to as “Sin City”, gets a bad rap.  What’s interesting about Vegas, is either you love it or you hate it.  There is very little in between.  Most people will never say that’s its OK or good; hate or love.  The fact is, Las Vegas is a Great Town.  Every city in this country, in this world can be sin city if that’s what you’re looking for, if that’s the reason you go there.  But Vegas is so much more than nightlife and sin.  There are great restaurants, art exhibits and shows.  Some of the finest chefs in the world operate restaurants here.  There is great Italian, Greek, Steaks, Chops and Sushi.  There is no food you can’t find if you only take the time to look.  There’s a Picasso exhibit, Egyptian exhibit and even a Titanic exhibit.  There are dishes from the wreck on display, along with jewelry and other artifacts.  A piece of the ship recovered from the bottom is on display.  One can’t but help but get caught up in the historical importance of the exhibit.  For Titanic enthusiasts it’s amazing.  For those less so, it’s still pretty great.  The shows are second to none.  There are a number of Cirque Du Soleil performances ranging from, Acrobatics to Water, to R-rated.  Penn and Teller are a must see and a number of magicians, including Criss Angel perform nightly.  Las Vegas used to be a great town for those who wanted to have fun and do things they might not ordinarily do at home, hence “Sin City”.   But today and for the last several years, Vegas has cleaned up its image.  It’s actually a child friendly town and it goes out of its way to appeal to families.  The hotels I most highly recommend are The Bellagio, The Venetian, Caesar’s Palace, and The Cosmopolitan.  You will not be disappointed with any of these properties.  All have great restaurants, shopping and Pools.

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