December Chevrolet Volt Sales Rebound


Chevrolet Volt sales for December have rebounded after poor November sales when the Volt sold only 1519 units.  In December the Volt sold 2633 units finishing off the year with 23,461 units sold.  It makes December, the fourth best sales month since the Volt was introduced more than two years ago.  Sales for 2012 have more than tripled over 2011.    While sales were strong, it’s important to note that during the holiday shortened month of December, only 1,509 Volts were manufactured which might adversely affect January, 2013 sales.  In comparison, the Nissan leaf sold just 1489 units in December although that marked the third strongest monthly performance since the Leaf was introduced.  The Volt continues to outpace the Leaf due mostly to its practicality.  Once the electric charge is depleted, the Volt can still drive for 300 miles on gasoline, using the onboard generator which charges the battery.  Once the charge on the Leaf is depleted, if not near home, it needs to be towed.  Range anxiety as it’s known, is clearly hurting Leaf sales.  Tesla clearly has its sights set on removing that fear by providing long-range capacity.  If confirmed, a Tesla model S was driven 423.5 miles on a single charge by David Metcalf.  But even a range of 300 miles would be enough to make the car a very practical choice.  As the battery technology improves, expect to see more long-range electric only vehicles hitting the market.  Until that happens, the Volt remains the most viable option for those who want an electric vehicle without having to worry about range.

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