Another Woman In India Gang Raped Following Kidnapping On Bus

GR Protests

In a shockingly similar crime, seven men have been accused of gang raping a woman in India, who was kidnapped on a bus.  Unfortunately, only five men have been apprehended at this time.  It’s shocking because of the outpouring of anger and demands of justice, following the rape and murder of another woman on a bus in New Delhi. In this case, the woman was on her way to her village in Ghukla, when the bus driver and conductor kidnapped her.  In her complaint, the victim said she was returning from a visit at her parents in the village of Jagatpur when she requested her stop. The driver instead continued to nearby Gurdaspur, where the bus driver and conductor met up with the other five other men, and gang raped her in a house, said a police official. The bus driver then dropped her off the next morning near her village.  The police official said she then went home before going to the police station to file a report.  The five arrested were identified by the police as, Daler Singh, Ravi, Jaswinder Singh, Jagpreet Singh and Satwant Singh.  The tragedy of this rape, directly on the heels of the rape in New Delhi, is that due to backwards Indian cultural mores, these seven criminals thought they can get away with it without any repercussions. It’s lucky for the young woman that’s the case, or she might not have been allowed to survive the brutal assault.  While the rape in New Delhi emboldened protesters and brought to light serious problems in India, it’s time for Indians to do some serious soul-searching.  Their traditional culture has outlived its usefulness and despite the fact India is a nuclear power, it remains a third world country.  Women are mistreated; abused and raped because they are simply not valued in Indian culture.  The animals who perpetrated this crime should be executed as a message and deterrent to all those other angry, repressed, Indian men who make themselves feel as if they have a worth but violating those more helpless than they.  It’s disgusting and a scar on the entire Indian people. Until these pervasive attitudes towards women change, India will never truly be the largest Democracy in the world.

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