What Jodie Foster Actually Declared At The Golden Globe Awards

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster was very animated and vague at the Golden Globes as she received her lifetime achievement award.  To all those who know her personally, it obviously made more sense.  But one thing she did make perfectly clear is her sexual orientation is not up for discussion.  Many in the entertainment press, headlined this morning with “Jodie Foster is out of the closet” or “Jodie Foster comes out”.  When in fact she did no such thing.  What she actually said was she’s never been in the closet and isn’t going to stay there, telling those who wish to label her to go you know where.  And at the same time, she told the gay and lesbian community that she’s not willing to be a so-called “poster child”.  To sum it up, on the one hand, she was never in the closet, on the other, she’s not going public with some huge coming out announcement, hence, her stating, “I’m single”.  Basically, she wants her privacy and everyone should respect her wishes.  It’s no secret, so why does anyone need her to come out and declare anything?  Foster has had a long and illustrious career.  She deservingly received a lifetime achievement award from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and let’s leave it at that.  In the end, what Jodie Foster ultimately did, is declare that she has survived and thrived for forty-seven years in one the toughest businesses in the world and she’s still here.  Good for her!

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