Suspect Announces On Facebook “Well Folks, I’m About To Get Shot”


A man who abducted and sexually assaulted a woman, posted a message on Facebook,  “Well Folks, I’m about to get shot”.  A couple of hours after the posting, he was shot and killed by a deputy.  There is nothing eerie or sad about this.  Eric Ramsey was a violent, evil individual, who abducted a Central Michigan University student from her campus, drove her to an undisclosed location and sexually assaulted her.  After the attack he put her back in the car and told her he was going to kill her.  Thankfully, she had enough wherewithal to escape form the car and run to a house.  According to Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski, who told CNN in a telephone interview, a fourteen year old who let her in, barricaded himself, the woman and his younger sister in an upstairs bathroom.  The woman then called police.  As she was doing so, Ramsey poured gasoline on the house and attempted to set it on fire.  Soon after, the father of the fourteen year old arrived home and was able to extinguish it, with little or no damage to the home.  According to police, following the incident at the home, they caught up with him.  He led them on a chase through two counties, rammed a patrol car, stole a sanitation truck and rammed to more vehicles, before a deputy shot and mortally wounded him.  Following the conclusion, Mioduszewski said, “We owe it to the public to find out what was the cause of this.”  But really it makes no difference why an individual would kidnap and sexually assault a young woman and then attempt to burn down a house with innocents inside.  He deserves no sympathy or compassion.  The victims are the only ones who should be considered when evil strikes.  Thankfully he is now gone and will never again be able to harm another innocent human being.

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