Original Batmobile Sells At Auction For $4.62 Million Dollars


The original and coolest of the Batmobiles sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale Arizona for $4.62 million dollars.  The man who purchased the iconic car is Rick Champagne, a Phoenix area executive.  When asked on Speed TV why he was willing to purchase the car for such a substantial figure, Champagne said that he had his eye on the Batmobile, “ever since he was a kid.  I had a model of it.”  He was then asked if he would keep the car in his garage to which he replied, he would be putting it in his living room.  The seller of the car, famed car customizer George Barris first purchased the 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car from Ford for one dollar.  He then transformed the car into the famed Batmobile in fifteen days with a budget of fifteen thousand dollars.  The car was built at Barris Kustom Industries auto shop on Riverside Drive in North Hollywood and has been on display there, since the television show ended in 1968.  Unlike many of the other super heroes, Batman had no super powers.  He relied on the Batmobile and other gadgets to help him and the “boy Wonder” out of life threatening situations.  The Batmobile had dual bulletproof bubble windshields, laser beam, Bat-O-Meter that told him where the villains were and an exhaust pipe that spewed flames, giving the impression of incredible acceleration.   In addition to the Batmobile, Barris Kustom also built the Beverly Hillbillies Jallopy and the Munster Koach.

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