A New Low In American Reality TV: Honey Boo Boo


I’m not embarrassed to admit that when Jodie Foster mentioned Honey Boo Boo in her Life Time Achievement Award acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, I had absolutely no idea to whom she was referring.  So I went on line, discovered it was a show on TLC and watched an episode.  Afterall, Honey Boo Boo is the latest reality TV fad; what could it be about?  I was completely horrified.  After declaring that Teen Mom should be banned, Honey Boo Boo needs to be added to the list.  Have Americans, become so foolish and un-intellectual, they could sit and watch that inane, vacuous, nonsense?  In the episode I watched, Honey Boo Boo laughs about how she almost “peed herself”.  Not only wasn’t it funny, and I apologize to the Honey Boo Boo fans, she is easily one of the most unappealing children who has ever traipsed on this planet.  Sorry, I know it isn’t nice, but she’s a “TV Star” and needs to be able to take the criticism.  The only person more unappealing than Boo Boo is her mother, Mrs. Boo Boo.  To make matters worse, apparently the Gay and Lesbian community has latched on to Boo Boo because she has a gay uncle with Aids.  Really?  Has everyone completely lost their ability to think and reason?  While it’s unfortunate her uncle has Aids, he is hardly the spokesperson anyone would want, in a campaign to fight that horrible disease.  I suppose, a family of uneducated, undisciplined, unappealing Americans is long in coming but this trash, once completed, should be used in a barn fire to toast marshmallows.  I’m quite sure I lost several points from my IQ simply by viewing that one episode.  Addlepated, yes that’s the word to describe me following that torture.  Speaking of torture, never mind water boarding, Boo Boo torture.  It may be cruel and unusual, and banned by the Geneva Convention, but no doubt it would yield results, and we’re the only country that has her.  On a positive note, I did not in fact poke out my eyeballs in an effort to stop watching the show, since I couldn’t find the remote to turn it off.  TLC should be ashamed of airing this type of programming and should apologize to the American people for embarrassing us, for anyone viewing this from outside our country.

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