The Major Flaw Of President Obama’s Inaugural Speech


No one could argue that President Obama delivers a speech like no other President.  He speaks from the heart, with passion and deep conviction.  He must be given credit for that.  He has a vision for the country, even if almost half her citizens disagree with his vision.  However, he did say some important things.  First, this country needs to be the land of opportunity for all.  Women should make dollar for dollar what a man makes for performing the same job.  There is absolutely no room for discrimination based on sexual orientation.  Everyone should have the same right to marry and be protected under the law.  We should already be past that but its time is coming.  Issues like immigration are not as clear, although there needs to be set policies.  Healthcare needed to be tackled and this President was the first to drive fundamental change.  Opportunity and equality under the law must be guaranteed.  Where the President’s argument is fundamentally flawed however, is while the guarantee of equality must exist, not everyone is equal.  Not everyone can be a runway model or possess the intelligence to be a brain surgeon.  Not everyone can be a professional athlete.  Regardless of the opportunities presented in our schools, not every child will be able to take advantage of them.  Simply stated, equality will never be achieved because people aren’t equal.  That’s why some people write self-help books and some people read them.  Musicians perform and audiences listen.  If everyone was musically gifted, we could all make our own music.  The President’s entire collective argument in fact, is incorrect. The reason this country is great is not because of the collective whole.  The reason this country is great is because it has always focussed on individual freedoms and individual achievements.  We are not Communists or Socialists, where the good of the state supersedes the good of the individual.  If the President believes that, he’s in the wrong country.  The founding principles I will remind you, are Life, Liberty, and the PURSUIT of Happiness.  Not the guarantee of happiness.  What makes America great are the individuals contributing to the whole, not the whole contributing to the whole.  The only time this country has been the whole contributing to the whole has been during times of war.  It also happens to be one of the three reasons this country was founded.  The others were religious freedom and trade.  This great experiment was never about taking care of those who couldn’t take care of themselves, not that it isn’t important to help those less fortunate.  The strength, creativity, and ingenuity of the individual is what made this country great and the only thing that will keep her great.  True liberalism must not be allowed to rare its ugly head, lest we become Greece or Spain.  We are seeing firsthand, the result of such policies to which this President espouses.

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