Actual Mistakes

As a follow-up to the Dan Marino post, I felt it necessary to address the issue of mistakes.  Apparently the admission of guilt equates to being forgiven for a grave error in judgement or a “mistake”.  So here are some examples of actual mistakes, so that everyone is on the same page.

A child taking a math test, adds instead of subtracts, thereby causing an incorrect result.

A person placing a white pair of jeans in to a washing machine filled with colors.

A person sitting at the gate in an airport waiting for his flight to board; only to realize he was sitting at the wrong gate and the plane has left without him.

Making a left turn instead of a right, causing one to drive 25 miles (40km) out-of-the-way.

Finding oneself on a double black diamond ski trail when you meant to ski the bunny hill.

Attempting to enter a car that looks exactly like yours and  a large imposing figure is running towards you.

Dropping the key to your car right next to your car; only to realize when returning with your cart full of groceries, that it’s not where you left it.

Entering the wrong restroom and attempting to explain your stupidity as you walk out.

Stepping on the gas instead of the brake and turning the kitchen in to a Drive-Thru.

Having an affair and a child, with a woman who isn’t your wife, is not a mistake.  It’s a Choice!

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