Imagine That: Our Commander-In-Chief Firing a Weapon

President Obama

Much has been said and written about the photograph of President Obama shooting Skeet at Camp David.  Those on the extreme left would like to see most, if not all guns banned.  Those on the extreme right have used the photo to refer to the President as a hypocrite and to demonstrate that even the President loves guns.  The extreme left is completely out of touch with the majority of the country and the extreme right, appear to be fanatics.  The White House released the now famous internet and digital media photo, in response to a reporter asking the question of whether the President had ever fired a gun.  When the photo was released the first thing that came to mind was his apparent focus and concentration on his target.  The second thing that came to mind was it’s good to see our Commander-In-Chief firing a weapon.  Correct me if I’m wrong  but shouldn’t the man who is the leader of the US armed forces, have familiarity with guns?  Have we become so out-of-touch with reality that we take sides based purely on emotions.  The Newtown massacre was easily one of the low points in the modern history of this country.  All those small, innocent children gunned down by a madman.  What parent could fathom such horror?  Clearly, we must do whatever we can to protect innocent young lives but we must do it with our heads, not our hearts.  As a Martial Arts Instructor, could I, in good conscience, teach Judo if I didn’t know how to execute a simple throw?  Or even more importantly, how credible would I be teaching my students gun safety and how to defend themselves against a gun, if I had never handled or fired a side-arm?  The President/Commander-In Chief damn well better be familiar with weapons and understand military strategies before sending our sons and daughters in to the field of battle.  So to all those who were disturbed by the photo of the President, head of the US Military firing a shot-gun, I suggest you re-think your position.  It’s completely off base and any argument to the contrary is without merit.

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