UK MPs Vote To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

A video grab image shows MPs voting on gay marriage legislation, in the House of Commons, London

By an overwhelming majority, British MPs have voted to legalize same-sex marriage.  The decision in the House of Commons was passed by a vote of 400 to 175, redefining marriage and allowing same-sex couples to tie the knot.   Up until now, same-sex couples were only allowed a civil partnership which essentially gave them the same rights as heterosexual married couples.  Prime Minister David Cameron was not able to secure a majority of his Tories support for the measure, with only 132 members voting in favor.  There were 136 nays and 75 abstentions, a blow to the Prime Minister.  Just hours before the vote in an effort to gain support from his party, Cameron said, “Marriage helps people commit to each other and I think it is right that gay people should be able to get married too. This is, yes, about equality. But it is also about making our society stronger.”  Obviously he wasn’t able to sway many of his colleagues.  The bill had overwhelming support of the Liberal Democrats and Opposition Labour MPs.  In a statement following the vote, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said it is a “landmark for equality in Britain.  No matter who you are and who you love, we are all equal.”  The first gay marriages will be conducted once it becomes law later this year after it is cleared by the House of Lords; nothing more than a formality.

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