Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei Rules Out Direct Talks With US


Once again, Vice President Joe Biden and President Obama have demonstrated the problem with weakness; you give the bully the upper hand.  In a statement issued by the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, he ruled out any direct talks with the United States. Khamenei said that Washington was “holding a gun to Iran’s head” and “talks will not solve any problems”.  This administration has failed miserably in understanding the enemy.  And make no mistake, Iran is the enemy.  You can’t be calling for tougher sanctions and at the same time requesting bilateral diplomacy.  Not only is it the incorrect message to send, it demonstrates a terrible lack of knowledge and understanding of the mindset of the Iranians.  Iran will not understand any short of strangling sanctions and or war.  Why is it so difficult for liberals to understand that you can’t negotiate with irrational, evil people?  Just as there was no negotiating with Hitler, there can be no negotiating with Khanenei.  Iran’s ultimate goals are the destruction of Israel and military dominance in the middle east.  I dare any political scientist/analyst to differ with that assessment.  Anyone not understanding that should be involved with something other than foreign policy.  Now we have shown our hand, our weakness essentially, and must now reverse course and hope we can gain back some level credibility. Iran has never been paid back for the hostage crisis that brought America and Jimmy Carter to their knees.  It was a bleak period in American History indeed.  There is little question that had Iran not returned the hostages following the election of 1980 that President Reagan would have threatened military action, which was of course the correct position to take.  If the extremely weak Carter had done that, the world might look very different today.  I am quite sure if Romney had been elected President instead of Obama, he wouldn’t have been offering them an olive branch as they continue working their way towards becoming a nuclear power.  Shame on Biden and Obama for allowing Iran to reject our offer, which should never have been made in the first place.

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