Mayor Michael Bloomberg Delivers Final State Of The City Address

Mayor Bloomberg

Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivered his twelfth and final State of the City Address.  In it, he delivered a message of prosperity and hope but stated that he still had more to do in his final year in office.  It was as much a pep rally as a state of the city address.  It was held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and was replete with cheerleaders and signs pointing out his many accomplishments.  For example, this past year New York had a record low number of homicides; 419.  A record 52 million tourists visited the city in 2012.   He has pushed a green agenda throughout his twelve years, calling for as many as ten thousand charging stations and a ban on styrofoam.   The mayor boasted that, “We’ve raised life expectancy to record highs — far outpacing the national average — and we’ve cut teen pregnancy to record lows. We’ve reduced fire fatalities and traffic fatalities and emergency response time to record lows.”  The mayor also announced a change in how the city will deal with minor amounts of marijuana possession.  “Effective next month, anyone presenting an ID and clearing a warrant check will be released with a desk appearance ticket to return to court,” he said.  The mayor defended his position on stop and frisk saying, “I understand that innocent people don’t like to be stopped — but innocent people don’t like to be shot and killed, either.”  But of all his accomplishments, his greatest is his management of the city’s finances.  He might not be loved by the unions but his tough stance is the reason New York City has recovered from the recession more quickly than other major cities.  It’s also the reason why electing a billionaire is prudent.  A billionaire can’t be bought.  There is no money, no union or special interest that can ever have control over him.  Like him or not, for twelve years, the city has had a mayor who is his own man and that’s why the city is as healthy financially as it is.  That and the fact that billionaires tend to be good with money.  It is a word to the wise as candidates are starting to consider a run for Gracie Mansion.  The City of New York needs a Conservative, Independent businessman in the head position not a political crony.  He has taken what another conservative Republican Mayor established, and built on it.  What’s also important to recognize about Bloomberg’s tenure, is despite his tough bargaining stances and downright dictatorial leadership at times, he has led the fight for many socially liberal causes, most recently, his support for gay marriage.  Hopefully the people finally understand that a fiscally conservative, socially liberal candidate is how the next mayor’s resume should read.  If not, the city risks falling back to a place no one ever wants to visit again.

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